Hey there! I’m so glad you found me!

My story may sound a lot like yours. It’s a tale of a very brave woman who found the courage to remember who she is.

Embodying Truth

Let’s talk about that for a second — how in order to remember who we are, we have to begin by forgetting.

If we must remember who we are in order to thrive, then what did we lose our grip on, and why did it happen?

These are some of the questions I have spent my life trying to answer and break down. For me, remembering something is far more than grasping a concept mentally. My journey has literally been about re-membering, in other words, embodying the truths I found about myself and what it means to be a woman. It’s a felt sense inside my body, rather than a reaching for an external truth.

How does that feel in your body when you read my words? Do they resonate deeply or stir your curiosity?

Reclaiming Power

The next step on my journey after beginning to embody who I was – a creative soul Woman with Divine flair – was to acknowledge something new starting to pulsate through my blood: MY POWER. “Power” is a tricky word as it’s often associated with domination and OVER-powering.

I know this problem intimately because early in my life, after being dominated and repeatedly told who to be,  I decided that I didn’t want my power and I turned it waaaay down to “be a good girl” and get approval that way. As it turned out, this decision did not serve my adult Feminine Self. I wanted my power back, but didn’t like the company it kept. I realized I had to use my creativity and come up with my own definition of what power meant to me…

(Spoiler alert: this is a theme that I address with clients. We look at what society/culture says about something you are dealing with, then I help you define your own truth and support you in living that new definition!)

How would you like to have someone on your side who can help you figure out in what ways you are living someone else’s truths or beliefs, and change them into something that works for you on your deepest soul level?


Receiving Support

Yes, this journey has required personal commitment, but it has also demanded a truckload of help and support from others to get to how I feel now:

Empowered, Free, Like a Badass, Embodied, Successful (on my terms) and Living My Truth.

I needed help, and so do you! Because we’re not meant to do this work on our own. My most recent example of receiving high quality help is through working with a Somatic Coach. Through our time together, I have learned how to safely be in my body and how it communicates. Having the time, guidance and space to safely explore what it’s like to be embodied has allowed me to bring those tools in to my day-to-day life, and thrive in a new and powerful way as a result. If you go at it alone, at the very least, you will prolong this work three or four lifetimes, and I don’t know about you, but I want to LIVE and have a damn good life NOW!

How would you like to get the time, guidance and non-judgmental space with a skilled Coach who is deeply committed to your evolution and quality of life? If this resonates with you then read on and find out how we can connect!

Vision into Action

It’s time to pick up our pens (broomsticks) and re-write (re-member, re-align, re-ignite) our stories so that they can become the epic self-love stories they were meant to be.

As we revision what it means to be an empowered woman and embody that vision, we begin to see real change. It starts in our lives and it ripples outward until it becomes global change.

You know I’m speaking the truth because it feels so yummy and right, inside.

I hope our paths will cross one day, whether by working together (I work with a few brave men too), meeting at a farmer’s market or in a belly dancing class, giggling and moving our bodies to the beat. If you are interested in diving deeper, check out the various ways I can support you, set up a call, or send me a note and share your story with me.

From my passionate heart, to yours,