Becoming Your Own Best Friend

Part of the healing work we do together includes a process that I call “becoming your own best friend.” Most people will experience going though life accumulating many beliefs that are negative and self-deprecating. These beliefs lead to thoughts and behaviors that do not serve your highest good, but will keep you stuck and unhappy. Trough my own life experience and working with people dedicated to living their fullest potential I’ve formulated some of the Key Principles of “becoming your own best friend” so that you can get a sense of what this work entails.

Key Principles:

  • Lighten up – No negative self talk
  • Honor your self – Setting positive boundaries
  • Feed your being – Nourishing your sef through a diet that works for your unique body
  • Healing Movement – No more punishing exercise
  • Moving on – Learn how to not put up with negative family behaviors
  • Honoring beauty – Treating your self to fun activities, beauty practices, being in nature
  • Learning to trust – Letting your higher power take over the course of your life
  • The Art of beginning anew – Practice starting again (and again)
  • Letting go – Move on from relationships that no longer serve you
  • Speaking your truth – Become an authentic expression of who you are
  • Liberation – Embrace positive sexual practices
  • Toxic beliefs – Find, understand and replace beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Forgiveness work – Knowing you did your best (and so did everyone else)
  • Deep listening – Learn to hear yourself out
  • Guilt free living – Place the blame where it belongs
  • Victim no more – Take responsibility for your life
  • Invite love in – Create a positive relationship with a supportive partner
  • Establishing rhythm – Create a daily flow that works for you

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