How burning off my bangs helped me practice my authentic voice.

Empowered KarnaThere I was, after yoga class, happily coiffing my bangs after a good soak in the sauna. Suddenly there was a sharp smell, like something burning, and I quickly realized that my bangs were toasting!

Examining the damage, I was pissed at the crappy hairdryers offered at my (very expensive) gym. I decided that I would not be a typical Swede and sulk in private, but that I’d bring it to the attention to the manager on duty.

“- I can’t really see the damage, it looks fine to me… And, it’s not that I don’t believe you, but we never had this issue before, and the heating coils are way in the back and shouldn’t be able to burn you.” I answered, “- Perhaps you can’t see it, but it was quite real when I saw my hair falling out… And, I didn’t like it.” His reply, “- But, you look really pretty in those bangs, and I noticed that you changed your hair color, looks great!”

I left, feeling more uncomfortable than when I entered his office.

Today I woke up and found myself upset at the way I had been treated. So, I went back and talked to the next tier manager. She was awesome. She walked me to get the hairdryer that was the culprit. (Genius manager no1 had unplugged it, and put it two feet from where it was originally plugged into the wall, much safer ;). She took it out, said that they would look to replace a bunch of them and offered me a compensatory smoothie. I left the juice bar feeling quite happy with myself clutching a deluxe smoothie: with added protein, greens, spirulina, avocado…

This week for me has been all about setting boundaries, saying no, and speaking my truth. As I am practicing this, I feel my being getting energetically stronger, more at ease and feeling more powerful. (OK, there was some crying too.)

My question to you: Where in your life do you need to speak your mind, from a place of heart?

Reminder: Life will happily provide situations for you to practice remembering the truth of who you are. If we choose to feel victimized and feel like shitty things are happening because we need to be punished, life becomes living hell (take it from me!) Remember, we have the power to decide that life is allowing us to practice that we need to learn most, in order to feel more loving towards ourselves (it’s worth the work!).

Oh, did I mention I love you?

Yours powerfully,


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