How buying my Halloween costume made me get in touch with my inner little girl.

Happy belated Halloween! Oh, my, what fun I had! I hope you did, too.
Click the image below to watch my transformation from Karna to Ruby, and hear how my panicking over an “unnecessary” purchase made me get in touch with a part of myself I had forgotten for a quite some time…

This week has provoked me to step out of my adult “do-er” and embrace my child-self, the “be-er”. I’ve laughed more and felt more alive than in a long time. Now, I want more of it! I know that I have to make an effort to check in with my inner child daily, and hear her out.

My question to you: What does your inner child desire right now?

Reminder: You are still that little girl or boy, s/he has not gone anywhere, but lives inside you! Pay attention to your inner child’s needs, and act upon them without delay.

Oh, did I tell you I’m really excited about what we can co-create together?

Yours playfully,



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