Move from Victim to Powerful Creator in 2014! + A New Year’s Video Makeover

Hi friends,

Happy New Year! I’m not sure exactly why, but I feel like this year is going to be the best one yet… I feel a new type of energy that has eluded me in the past. The texture of the energy is a calm excitement, mixed with knowing and trust.

Click the image below to watch my New Year’s transformation from tired Karna (who looks much like a 13 year old boy!?) to foxy lady ready to rock New year’s eve. In this video I share some helpful ideas about how to enter into the New Year as a powerful creator of your own reality


This message is not about creating new year’s resolutions based on things that you are trying to force out of your life (so last season). Instead it’s about embracing your role as a creator and allowing yourself to vision and dream big. I am encouraging this because I am living proof that we can change our circumstances and the only thing I have found standing in my way is ME and my BELIEFS.  And it feels really good to know that I have the ability to change that which is keeping me from living a life of connection, intimacy, joy, love and abundance.

My question to you: If you allowed yourself to dream REALLY BIG, what would you want this year?

Reminder: You have more power than you know, a shift in perception changes everything. Remember to investigate what is holding you back and just be willing to change your perception.

Here’s how it works: You notice that you have a belief that’s called “I have to work really hard to make money”. You may not think this belief is serving you anymore, in which case you will state to yourself  – I am willing to let go of the belief “I have to work really hard to make money”  and replace it with “I make money joyfully and with ease, money comes to me easily from known and unknown sources”. Then, watch it change over time.

If you want faster results, feel free to email or call me about setting up a Theta healing session.  It’s amazing to watch the instant transformations that come of this work!

Here are some helpful reminders from a guy who knew that anything is possible if you keep at it…

Oh, did I tell you I am ready to say YES to truly living my life and would love to have you along for the ride?

Ready to rock this year,

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