Turning a critical mind around: 6 Essential Practices

TGIF ladies and gents!

I say that because this week has been really tough for me quite frankly. I decided I wanted to make a video rant this week about something I’ve been thinking about a lot regarding New Age spirituality and Manifestor consciousness and its practices.

You can watch the video here:

I’ve met numerous people in the past few months who feel that they must not be doing life right, or that their friends are encouraging them to get more positive or have the right thoughts (or better vision boards) to “get what they want”.

You’ll have to check out the video to hear more about my take on this, but I’d also like to take a moment to share what happened to me after recording and sharing the video with a few people yesterday.

Inner critic gone wild

I felt utterly and completely gutted, and had some serious self deprecating thoughts that went a little something like this: “Why do you even bother recording anything? Someone’s already said that and more eloquently and interestingly.” You look stupid in the video, no one is going to like that and they’ll totally think you’re boring and stop reading your stuff, don’t even share that video.” ETC.

Whoa, I KNOW inner critic work, I’ve done a ton of it and I am quite savvy with my self love practices and didn’t expect the barrage from my mind – but I should have since I was totally stepping out of my comfort zone… It was similar to my old eating disorder mind criticizing me for my weight and looks. I cried for probably three hours on and off. Granted, it wasn’t all related to making the video (but to the fact that I’m super hormonal and have a lot going on at work.)

Turning my critical mind around

After breathing, writing, calling three family members and two friends, I started coming back to my center and could return to my core self that is the truth behind all self judgments. It’s so ironic how life works, because that’s exactly what I was talking about in the video, how challenging parts of life are an opportunity for healing and self love, and not thinking something is wrong. I guess it’s really true that “We teach what we need to learn.”

My top 6 activities for turning around a critical, racing mind:

  1. When things get really intense, call on support and not to try to figure it out on my own – which relates to feeling heard.
  2. Sitting with the feeling and BREATHING and just letting it be.
  3. Connecting with nature; hugging a tree and being on grass or by water.
  4. Trusting that what is coming up is perfect and ready to be healed.
  5. Rewarding myself for self loving behavior with chocolate or other fav treats!
  6. Handing it over to God (as you define it).

Thank you all for being brave enough to be humans, I feel like it can be really challenging sometimes. I hope you will have a wonderful weekend, with lots of fun things in store!



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