Want to go on a journey with me?

IMG_6145When we talk about childhood wounds, a common one is the pain of being abandoned.

Being abandoned by an important person truly hurts. What I’m realizing is that what hurts even more is when we abandon ourselves. What I mean by that is; every time we stifle our authentic voice, when we stay in relationships that are abusive, when we think we are not good enough as we are, when we self hate, when we suppress our light, when we …fill in the blank…

So, what’s the antidote? Since I have actively worked on this for 6 years, and I still find new areas where I have abandoned myself. I say it’s a journey that we all need to take to remember that we are already whole, already home and already loved.

To take this journey we need to be brave, and willing to love our selves even when our new behaviors triggers other people. We need to get to know ourselves deeply, and listen to our inner voices, and act when our hearts tell us what do do. We learn self love, self forgiveness, practice our voices, let go of behaviors and beliefs that don’t serve, breathe, stay slow, and most importantly, we get support.

Happy Friday, if you made it all the way through this post, congratulations, you are now on the journey with me. Thank you for traveling with me!

Love you,


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