What kind of eater am I?

IMG_5282You live in a physical body, that is your vehicle for carrying out life on planet earth. To keep your body here, you need to put food in it. If you chose not to feed it, you would soon not be a body anymore. This is a fact. A fact that can be tested, demonstrated and quantified.

Ask yourself: What does my eating habits say about my willingness to be here, in a body, on planet earth?

Some observations: If you choose to diet and you are living in a restricting consciousness you, in effect, make this statement about what your life is going to be like: “- I choose to be here, but I will not live in an expanded state of joy and pleasure. I choose a constricted life.

If you give yourself the type of pleasure that comes in the form of refined sugar, fat and other chemicals, including low quality foods, then perhaps you belong to another category. “- I choose to be here and live a life of indulgence and a inflated sense of joy and pleasure. Since I am putting in mediocre, but succulent foods, I choose a life of instant gratification that can only be sustained by a continuous stream of substances.”

If you follow your diet to a T, enslaved by rules, maybe you chose the dogmatic, religious way of life. Where you can only be loved in the most conditional of ways. “– I choose to be here, but I’m not sure if I deserve love, just the way I am. I’m OK, but only as long as I am a good girl, and follow the rules.

I’m curious if you can ask yourself, what kind of an eater am I, and what does that say about my life and the quality of it?

For more inspiration on this topic, check out “The Eater’s Agreement” by Marc David.

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