Why I love when my husband goes on a business trip

snowheart“Yes, honey, I miss you too. I can’t wait for you to get back…” I hang up the phone, smiling broadly knowing that the next few days are for me and me alone.

There’s something so amazingly comforting and powerful in having someone to share your life with. Yet, relationships are made through dialogue and compromise. And there are times when I don’t want to talk and times I just want to be completely unreasonable and uncompromising. Enter business trip and my wish is granted – thank you Universe for listening.

Freedom is mine and what do I choose to do? I wish I could give a glamorous account of shopping, facials and nights down town, like a proper Sex in the City episode. But no, instead I give in to the tiredness in me that has been whispering in my ear “- It’s OK, you don’t have to write your newsletter, just go lay down.” For the most part there’s been little room for being tired. Lately, my inner business woman has won out, she’s been staring at me over her glasses, tapping her pen at her notebook, dictating my every move. But this weekend, she has found herself benched.

For those of you who do not know me and have fallen for the “messy man – tidy woman” stereotypes, you have yet to meet my husband. Ex army, used to live in one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan that “you have to keep tidy or you won’t find a thing”, likes things neat – that’s my man. Me, I’m all for – “make mess now, clean up later.” As time has gone be we both have adapted and I’m now a bit more organized and he’s a bit more relaxed about needing to have things a certain way. Still, this weekend it became clear to me that I still have a messy side to me that – given the chance – will pop her nose back out and run the show.

Oh, the glory of leaving clothes on the floor, not doing my dishes right away, eating at random hours and not having to take another person’s schedule in to account. It may not seem like much but I feel deeply nourished by my bachelorette’s weekend. I love living moment to moment, not following my otherwise well controlled life managed by Google calendars and endless lists. Actually having space to listen to myself and following inner urges and hunches, leaving me feeling like I’m being just slightly naughty for some reason…

My honey will be back by tomorrow night so I better be off to put the dishes away and reinstate order in the house. He’ll never suspect a thing. So, remember, sssh don’t tell him about my blog…

What would you do if you had a day all to yourself?

Much love,




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