Let’s call it like it is.

Being a sensitive and empathic business owner who cannot fit in the mainstream entrepreneurial box of launches, automated emails and endless social media accounts is hard.

The women I work with start feeling less than the “competition” when they cannot operate like machines plugging in templates and systems that don’t feel authentic to them.

Especially combined with their high ambition levels.

My Sustainable Success programs are designed to give you the tools, strategies and clarity to build a solid platform from which to operate your business, that feel like you.

In my programs, I incorporate some tried-and-true practices to help you hone your definition of success and together we will co-create action steps you can actually implement to make your business sustainable and lucrative!

When we work together on your business, we might notice a stuck place that needs love and attention; it may not appear to be related to your business at all, but in reality, it’s the piece that will bring about the biggest change.

The work you do on self-gets connected back to help you take your business to the next level.

It’s cool like that.


  • You are looking to create a life that comes from the inside out and are committed to making a living through an authentic expression of who you are.
  • You make choices from a place of love, not fear (or would like to learn how to do so).
  • You consider yourself somewhat unconventional, and feel OK not playing by the rules of society (or want to feel more liberated in this area).
  • You are willing to talk about the real stuff that will change the trajectory of your business, even if it’s uncomfortable and scary at times.
  • You prioritize having fun and know that pleasure is important in life.
  • You are curious about exploring the power of the Feminine.


My Sustainable Success Program is unlike any other you have found to date. It follows a structured path, but also allows for us to incorporate your personal challenges and ideas into the flow – making it both effective and relevant to you and your business. It’s part me teaching you new skills and systems, part understanding what your business sweet spots are and work out your plan from there. Below you will find the aspects of business development that we will work on in the Program.

THE STUCK PLACES: Release what’s in the way of your success, be it energetic blocks, your inner critic, or simply not knowing your next best step. I’ve got your back with tools and practices to help you resolve whatever stands in the way. Sometimes it’s as easy as sitting with it and breathing deeply while feeling your feelings. I’ll hold the space to make it safe for you to do so.

I WILL HEAR YOU OUT AND GIVE DIRECTION: Sometimes we have a great idea, but lots of fuzzy pieces remain that we don’t know how to best address. I will listen to your budding or current business plan and help you see what you should focus on and what to let go of (for now or forever).

FORM AND FLOW: The Masculine and Feminine are two sides of the same coin and play very well together. I will help you find the places that need structure and support, and give you solid practices to set you up with a good system. We will also explore where you need to let go and flow a bit more.

EXPANDING YOUR VISION: One area where women underperform (or rather, vision differently) compared to the fellas is in cultivating a bigger vision for themselves (according to this study). Through guided visualization exercises, I will help you get in touch with a more expansive vision of your path that will inspire you on the good days and pull you up and out of the grime on the shoddy (that’s British for “shitty”) ones.

PLAYING BIG: Tara Mohr, a powerhouse who has dedicated her life to helping women, says: “Question the voice that says you’re not ready yet.” Personally, I am known for being quite unapologetic when it comes to expressing myself (I have worked hard on all the inner obstacles telling me to tone it down, for chrissakes) and love being part of the liberation of women everywhere I go. The world needs women’s authentic voices, so let’s turn up the volume!

What are your business success stories?
  • Helped taking the business I worked (IPE) for from an in-person school to an online certification training, significantly increasing revenue.
  • Served as the Director of Events for Emerging Women, successfully launching two 350+ Women’s Empowerment events with iconic speakers such as Brené Brown, Liz Gilbert, Dr. Jane Goodall, Eve Ensler, Arianna Huffington, Tara Sophia Mohr, Sera Beak, Claire Zammit, Alanis Morissette, Wokie Nwabueze, Promise Phelon, Ani DiFranco and many other amazing women.
  • Helped produce five evening events for women in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, and Boulder.
  • Interviewed and trained more than 10 employees for various key start-up positions.
  • Simultaneously sustaining my own Coaching Business since 2009.
  • Supported the development of a multitude of websites from an optimized user and design perspective.
  • Juggled the experience of navigating two amazing start-up businesses as the key employee.
  • I’ve successfully worked with outsourced positions such as web developers, web designers, bookkeepers, PR and marketing professionals, content creators, strategists, event management companies, social media consultants, Livestream providers, contact management companies, videographers, podcasters… You name it, I’ve worked with ‘em!

What are the major issues you notice in the people you work with as a business consultant?
Some of the more common issues I see with the women I work with are:

  • We’re moving – or trying to grow – too fast.
  • Lack of supporting systems.
  • We’re scared to be seen or fully show up in our bigness.
  • Experience overwhelm by social media and keeping up with the cool crowd (I’m not kidding).
  • We operate from a place of fear and other people’s ideas of success.
  • Limiting belief systems and the inner critic hold us back.
  • We don’t have a big enough vision.
  • We don’t know how to ask for and receive support.
  • We operate more in the Masculine than the Feminine – a.k.a we try to get shit done 24/7.

How is working with you different?

  • I believe that slow is the new fast – sustainability is the key to success.
  • I use my experience from being in the trenches of growing a business, and figure out what I think will work for you specifically.
  • I explain much of what I share in images, metaphors or through guided visualizations.
  • I see the coach/client relationship as a mutual learning where we both gain insight and teach one another.
  • I keep working on my own business and I am constantly working to improve my methods.
  • I have a network of advisors, coaches, and mentors that support me when I am faced with a client situation that I am unfamiliar with, so I can bring you solutions to the trickiest problems.
  • I LOVE my clients.

What do you mean when you say Masculine and Feminine?
In reality, there is no way to separate the Masculine from the Feminine. They are eternal expressions of Divine energy, complete unto itself. However, at this time on planet earth I, and others with me, have found it helpful to make this distinction to help sort out the mess we are currently living in.

For me, the Masculine and Feminine are not related to gender but are rather just a handy way to describe tendencies in humans.

We can distinguish the Masculine tendencies as linear, right-brained, ambitions, singular, and one pointed. The Feminine tendencies, on the other hand, are more fluid, expansive, inclusive, receptive and flowy (yes, that’s a word).

Masculine energies and behaviors have dominated most of life on our planet for the last few thousands of years (which is, when you think about it, only a cosmic hiccup in time). Since it’s a fairly recent occurrence that women have the right to own land, property, or even the right to their bodies, there’s a tendency for women entering previously male-dominated areas to adopt more Masculine ways of acting and thinking, as a way to adapt to existing cultures.

Now we are coming to a time where both men and women (and our children) can deeply benefit from inviting more of the Feminine into our lives. I help my clients in doing so with tools and practices that resonate with the Divine Feminine in us all.

How much does it cost to work with you?
You can find out your investment and my packages by setting up a free consultation.
If you have any questions you can email me anytime.