The Alignment Sanctuary:
A global online village where you can safely bring your whole self to the table and be seen, heard, and appreciated.


Karna Liv Nau

Hi, I’m Karna!

I’m a mother, spiritual student and teacher, healing catalyst, alchemist, writer, dancer, nature lover, mind-body coach, and Alignment Marketing Strategist. 

Inside the Alignment Sanctuary, I’ve created the space my soul yearned for and what the diverse people in my life dreamed of having – a safe village where we can explore who we truly are beyond our conditioned survival selves

Inside this membership, I hold the safe container as the founder and guide, yet we co-create the experience together via weekly live (and recorded) calls. Right now, the women inside span five decades, and everyone in the online village is valued and seen for their unique contribution.

What happens when we gather without an agenda in the sacred now, vulnerable, and with what’s true for us today is nothing short of radical, magical, and transformative.

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What happened to you?

During and after the height of the pandemic, many women and queer folks had this overwhelming feeling that something that had kept us shielded from some deep truth about existence had been broken. 

What we had been previously able to tolerate had become intolerable, and we became aware of this new part of ourselves inside that got really loud sometimes and whispered other times, but it said the same thing:


Suddenly, just surviving was no longer an option. We now desire to re-wild ourselves and live a full and authentic life. Our whole being longs to be our REAL self and valued for our previously hidden emotional labor, and to ultimately THRIVE – not just survive. (Imagine the audacity!!)

If you’re a spiritual person on a path of healing, the odds are high that you:
  • Tried “it all,” but you’re somehow still longing to be part of a real community of kind and grounded people that feels safe, relaxed, fun, and inspiring. 
  • Long for a space where you can show up as your full self – the bright, talented, glorious human you are, and at the same time – the scared, ashamed, and shaky parts can show up too and be welcomed and held.
Struggling with belonging to this world, the dominant culture, and being around Muggles is common when you’re someone who…
  • Came into this world with profound gifts to offer this planet.
  • Found yourself as “the black sheep/scapegoat,” the “family glue/empathetic person” in a family system.
  • Experienced some level of trauma through growing up in a dysfunctional family.
  • Have spent a great deal of time, energy, and resources dedicated to your healing journey.
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If you feel a part of your body relaxing, unfurling, and a curiosity blooming inside – you are in the right place.

You are not alone, and this village has a place for you.

(On the other hand, if you’re wondering if I’ve been microdosing mushrooms and have no clue what I’m talking about, this is your gentle cue to exit through the gift shop.)


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The Myths you were told about healing and being a successful human

There are SO many confusing messages dominating the culture and circulating the Interwebs right now that it’s hard to narrow them down.

Here are the ones that I think might be most overwhelming to you:

  1. You need to figure out how to heal yourself to get to the other side, and then you will be happy and successful.
  2. You can manifest your way into your dream life.
  3. Your body is a project to be perfected, and you must live as clean as possible at all times to not be contaminated by all the bad things that are everywhere.
  4. There’s a specific timeline that things should happen on. The sooner you get successful, rich, ultra-productive, fit, healthy, and maybe even arrive in the 5D reality, the better. (Oh, hey, here’s an idea! Buy my supplements/program/tool to get there faster!) 
  5. Youthfulness and being thin/fit are the ideals for which you should always strive and are the ultimate sign of “health.” 
  6. You should keep “Ascending” (but let’s not talk about the other side of that coin… the necessary descent.)
  7. Fear is the problem. Love is the answer. (Never mind that fear helps protect us and is a huge part of human evolution. It makes us alert to danger and prepares us to deal with it. Feeling afraid is very natural — and can be helpful — in some situations.)
  8. There is a big global conspiracy of bad people who are trying to control us, and we need to fight them OR just send “love and light.”

Or, in short, you are the problem, so you need to fix yourself, and they out there are bad, so you need to shun them.

The irony is that, of course, we are the only ones who can take responsibility and change our lives, but I believe we are NOT meant, not evolved to, undertake the massive job of being the only animal capable of contemplating itself and its impending death and the utterly vulnerable experience of being a spiritual self in a limited, flawed, and mortal body. 

Yeah, you have been lied to and manipulated a lot. I’m sorry. 🙈 

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Now for the good news!

In the overwhelming cultural tide of messages and myths about healing and success, there’s an oasis that understands the complexities of being human: The Alignment Sanctuary.

This is not another space telling you to ‘fix’ yourself on your own. Instead, we offer a village of kindred souls where you’re seen, heard, and truly valued. 

I think of it as ‘becoming a forest’ where we are interdependent trees that share resources in a powerful ecosystem.

This is your invitation to a collaborative space that will serve you in crafting your own path forward and help you cultivate a deeper trust in yourself and others.  

Because I believe that trust and self-permission are the foundation for creating the life and world you desire. 

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Liv Karna is a true treasure. She stands out as a warrior of love and truth, destined to bring together like-minded individuals into a community that is authentic and naturally flourishing. She is redefining the business landscape, allowing for the emergence of our higher selves, and providing new perspectives on what is possible for women entrepreneurs as they unite in their deepest truths.

An added bonus: Liv Karna possesses an innate understanding of expansive, effective marketing strategies for business owners, yet remains humble and open to continuous learning and inquiry. She is a refreshing and vital presence in my life and in the world. Thank you, Liv Karna, for embracing your own path and helping others find theirs – your guidance is invaluable, and you consistently show up and deliver for both yourself and those around you!

- Zanna Campora
Coach & Creative Strategist for Trailblazers, Entrepreneur, Latin Dancer, Climber, and Mom
I love my Thursday sessions with the Alignment Sanctuary. It is a safe space for connection with other multi-dimensional and thoughtful women.

Karna shares gentle guidance on how to deepen my self-work and reflect on how that work shows up in all aspects of my life. I am reminded that if I am going through something, someone else in our community is moving through it, too.

We have wisdom and experience to share—and that is the best heart medicine.
- Kendra Sand
Content Strategist, Founder of House of Sand, Creative, and Low-Key Witch
Joining the Alignment Sanctuary feels like coming home.
When I joined this space, I was so frustrated with marketing. I’d spent thousands on support and while I’ve learned a lot throughout the years, I still didn’t feel like I’d found my groove. I knew that this group would help me answer so many of my questions, but I didn’t expect the “how” that I have experienced inside this container. With this group we’re not focused on what the “gurus” say about what kind of content to post and how frequently and where. Instead we’re learning about ourselves, learning to love what makes us unique and inspiring each other to create content, but more importantly a life that is reflective of that. This is my favorite part of Alignment Sanctuary. Being in this space confirmed my intuition about what I needed to do to show up for myself and my business and gave me permission to pursue it.

I am grateful to Karna and this community of amazing people.
Jess Malone
Life Decluttering Expert, habit hacker, travel & food lover
I joined The Alignment Sanctuary as I needed some support, when I was about to restart my business. Instead of being all alone in the whole process I now take part in these meetings with this group of women in different ages and life situations. All being open to sharing and listening from the heart.
Every week Karna provides us with a topic that mirrors different parts of life. I experience that her way of being true and vulnerable in her presentations of the topics creates a structure of trust and opens up for an exciting voyage of discovery for us all. I realize we are many sharing similar struggles, and I feel so enriched and warm inside after every time we meet.
In this Sanctuary I am learning to accept my needs and follow the way that feels enjoyable and good for me in my life. It has become a precious, inspiring, strengthening and encouraging meeting-place for me.
- Pauline Salzer
Laughter Coach, artist, grandmother, and gardener
One part of the Alignment Sanctuary that I love is Karna!
She’s able to hold a great container for people to share authentically and isn’t afraid to show her own awesome vulnerability. She has a big, bold, caring heart that shines through!!
I always have resonance with the topics she brings forth weekly, and I appreciate her various prompts and exercises that help us go deeper and explore our internal landscape.
- Claire Olivier
Intuitive Guide, Mindfulness teacher, dancer, and ocean lover

What I love about the Alignment Sanctuary is that it feels like a place that doesn’t exist anywhere else. It’s not a business networking group, and it’s not a therapy session. It’s a place where you can explore things you just don’t have the time or space to explore in your hectic life. I look forward to it every week. I say little because the only way to understand it is if you experience it yourself.

Gabriella Barnstone
Founder of Scoliosis Conditioning

What is The Alignment Sanctuary?.

The Alignment Sanctuary is more than just an online space; it’s a global village designed to counter the myth that you’re meant to navigate life’s challenges alone. With weekly, heartfelt meetings and wisdom from diverse women, this Sanctuary is the soulful antidote to “solo healing.”

In these challenging (and sometimes insane) times, the Alignment Sanctuary is a sacred haven of collective resilience and a real testament to the magic that unfolds when women come together and connect from the heart. It’s a warm, nurturing blanket of sanity and mutual understanding. 💜

If you’re ready to do this differently, join me in the
Alignment  Sanctuary!

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These Energies Guide the Process

Karna Liv Nau Submark
Adopting these approaches to step
into the flow
  • Trust in the Unfolding of Life in cycles
  • Align with your Soul’s Values
  • Becoming the writer of your story
  • Reject toxic cultural practices and messages
  • Be motivated by doing your soul work and letting external successes be a byproduct of your alignment, not the primary focus
Karna Liv Nau Submark
Begin taking aligned action
  • Be OK going slow and taking the right, next inspired step
  • Step into collaboration
  • Use your body for information on what to focus on
  • Embrace what IS and feel no need to change yourself
  • Allow the knowing of when to ebb and when to flow – rest and take action
Karna Liv Nau Submark
We Receive support and learn from each other in a non-hierarchal way
  • Embrace that we all are students and teachers
  • Show up as you are – at your best and our worst
  • Get comfortable with your contribution and being visible
  • Grieving and celebrating together is power
  • Embrace curiosity and the experience itself
Karna Liv Nau Submark
Redefining success from the inside out and Moving beyond capitalism and ProDUCTIVITY CULTURE
  • Embrace leaving a legacy of Love – What’s yours?
  • Accomplishment is fulfilling your potential
  • Enough is success
  • Claim and take up your space
  • Identify what success is for you

What your heart and soul desire IS possible.

Having genuine support in your life changes everything – for the better! I know this because I live and breathe it daily in my life and with my clients, friends, and members of this online village.

Now, I want you to have this kind of connection and support! It’s the BEST feeling in the world to know that there is a safe and validating place you can return to week after week. To know that you get to be witnessed and celebrated in your process. And to know you’re not alone on the path is freaking delicious. And you DESERVE delicious.

I know that you have already come SO far from where you started. You’re NOT supposed to be able to figure this life thing out on your own.

There is a whole new world we get to create together. A parallel structure to the system crumbling all around us. And in this Alignment Sanctuary that we “magic up” together, we get to be our whole, wild, and vibrant selves. We get to take up our rightful space in the world. We get to attract and cultivate resources and clarity. And we get to be joyful and to grieve. Above all, we get to straddle the full spectrum of what it means to be a woman, queer or non-binary person in 2024 on planet Earth, in all its pain, peace, and glory!

What. A. Ride.

I hope I get to sit next to you on the roller coaster. Arms up! Here we gooooooooo! 🎢

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How I propose we get dirty together

After YEARS of noodling (read agonizing) about how to best support women, I’ve finally settled on the container that I think will *truly, madly, deeply* serve you the best:

It’s this monthly membership called the Alignment Sanctuary.

The format is simple.

We meet weekly for one hour.

All calls are recorded and delivered to you in video and audio format.

You are welcome to come as you are. No more, no less. 

What you get:

Weekly calls

Delve into enriching weekly Zoom sessions led by me, Karna, and other dedicated teachers, covering profound teachings and soulful discussions. In each call, you have time to share your experience and ask questions.

We cover topics such as:

  • Inviting in pleasure, laughter & play
  • How to BE with what IS
  • Expressing your voice and taking up space
  • How to TRUST the unfolding of your life
  • Exploring your relationship with money
  • How does your work want to be expressed in the world?
  • Deepening our Spiritual Journeys
  • Ask Karna anything about Marketing and Business
  • Living in relationship with the seasons and moon
  • The power of sisterhood and reciprocity
  • What shadow/challenging stuff shows up in your intimate relationships
  • Deepening your relationship with your sexuality

Once a month we gather to “Fika,” this is a common practice in Sweden where I’m from, and is a time to be together and explore where you’re at in your life. Get heard and seen by a group of powerful and kind women.

Benefit from the collective wisdom of diverse women spanning five decades, each bringing a unique perspective to the table. Revel in the freedom to ask, learn, and grow at your own pace.


This is where you learn to regulate your nervous system to help regulate your nervous system and build capacity for life’s experiences.

  • How to regulate yourself when activated
  • Grounding practices
  • Meditations
Class Dates and TIme
  • Live classes happen on Thursdays at 1pm Eastern /11am Mountain and 10am Pacific Times.
  • All classes except Fika are recorded and provided in video and audio format within 24 hours.

Many of us realize that things won’t return to “normal.” Because the colonialist, patriarchal, capitalist culture we were born into was never normal. We are finally aware, brave, and clear enough to desire to co-create something new that feels healthy, sustainable, and empowering for all.

Karna Liv Nau

How it works + What to expect

  1. Sign up!
  2. Watch the introduction video and read through the intro module.
  3. Go to the Upcoming Live Events page – and add the Zoom calls to your calendar.
  4. Participate live or watch or listen to the recorded calls.
  5. Want belonging and connection? Write to the other members of the community.
  6. Feel overwhelmed or scared? Explore The Sanctuary, where you will find nervous system support.
  7. Want fun? Come to the “FIKA” community calls!

What people who have worked with me have to say:


Experience the Magic

Most Flexible

$22 per month

  • Ease into it on a monthly basis
  • *Founder Price. Cancel any time.

Best Deal

$220 for 12 months

  • Have us by your side for a year
  • *Founder Price - Get 2 months free.


11 reasons I am a safe leader of this container

  • I am a servant of Love and respect and honor the sovereignty of each being in the human and natural world
  • I’ve had the good fortune to build relationships with some of the most high-integrity teachers, creatives, and healers in the world, and they come and share their wisdom with us inside the Alignment Sanctuary
  • I’ve spent 20 years on my own healing journey and have been in therapy for the majority of this time
  • I have facilitated group experiences since 2012
  • For 13 years, I’ve supported women-led businesses with marketing & business
  • I birthed two children at home and am a dedicated mother to myself and my kids
  • I have been in a monogamous hetero marriage for 13 years (I never thought this could be possible!), and we have a growth-oriented partnership I am very proud of
  • I lead by example and show up BOTH in my vulnerability and my “weak” moments  AND my power and radiance
  • I am dedicated to cultivating a safe, generative, and inspiring space for us to explore life beyond patriarchy and late-stage capitalism
  • I have an extensive understanding of trauma, the nervous system, codependent and narcissistic dynamics
  • I consciously stay away from esoteric language like “ascension,” “5D reality,” “quantum leaping,” and so on, and lean into a body and nature-based understanding of healing to cultivate a simple and accessible way back to our whole selves

I’m kinda freakishly able to give my whole self to the times we share on the live calls, and the women who are part of this space are pure MAGIC.

Now I want to Co-Create the Supportive community I’ve always dreamed of with you!

Members and Teachers

Jessica Malone

Jessica is the founder and owner of Nacho Average Fro, a lifestyle design company that helps employees turned entrepreneurs to align their time with their values. In 2017, Jessica started on a minimalism journey that completely transformed her life. Within 1 year of learning how to declutter, she lost 35 lbs, saved over $10,000, and launched a business. This journey taught her the 3 keys to creating the life you desire to lead – clarity, intention, and alignment. Using her signature CIA Method for Time-Management, Jessica’s clients learn how to launch and scale their business while creating 20+ hours per week for their self-care and relationships. When she isn’t helping others build the life they desire, she’s focusing on building the life she desires, which includes traveling, playing the piano, cooking and exploring new recipes, and cuddling up to a new self-help book.

Kai Madrone

Kai Madrone guides people who would rather not do marketing to discover their message and find their voice so their business can thrive. She is a writer + brand strategist + copywriting coach + editor who is here to support healers, teachers, artists, coaches, and innovators who are leaving the world more whole than they found it.

Kai knows what it’s like to struggle with marketing strategies that feel inauthentic, exhausting, or prove ineffective. That’s why she shares the TrueVoice Marketing approach–a way to hone your message so you get strong results by listening to your client and being yourself.

Ro Marlen

Ro Marlen is a renowned Wisdom Teacher and Embodied Healing Mentor who dedicates herself to guiding kindred spirits to rediscover their true essence and solidify their place within the web of creation. Specializing in supporting Spiritual Sensitives, from those awakening to bold cycle breakers, Ro facilitates a deep restoration of balance within oneself and the cosmos. This work enables individuals to stabilize their Soul Fire, empowering them to share their unique gifts without falling prey to burnout or illness.

Ro’s expertise is marked by creating personalized inner healing practices aimed at spiritually sensitive individuals. These practices focus on expanding one’s capacity to manage intense energy and emotions, fostering a profound sense of compassion and joy, thus allowing natural healing. As a trusted mentor, Ro’s teachings inspire profound transformation, leading to the embodiment of an authentic, empowered life.

Could you benefit from
quality support?

After two decades on my healing journey, I am deeply discerning who I let into my space and who I endorse.

The women and queer folks in this safe container are some of the most impeccable humans I have ever met. 

The teachers I invite I know intimately, and I’ve known most of them for years, if not decades.

Now, I invite you into my inner circle of kind, passionate, wild, beautiful, messy, intelligent, talented, tapped-in humans. 

I hope I get to see you inside. We welcome you with warm, open arms.

Karna Liv Nau

A note about
inclusivity and accessibility

I’m a cis woman in a heterosexual, monogamous relationship who identifies as pansexual. I’m Swedish but live in the United States. I’ve also lived in Costa Rica and Australia and traveled to many other countries. While many of my collaborators are white and straight, I deeply value diversity. I am always learning more from authors, marketers, and creatives like Kelly Diels, Tricia Hersey, JVN, Jennifer Brown, Sonya Renee Taylor, Beau Brink, and many more.

If you identify as a trans woman, non-binary, or queer, you are welcome in this space. However, you will find that my language is geared primarily toward women. 🏳️‍🌈

If you are Black, Brown, Asian, or Latinx, you are welcome here.

I am working to make this space as accessible as I can. Here are some ways I do that:

  • Video lessons also come in audio format and have transcripts (coming ASAP)
  • Any homeplay documents are presented in Google document format so you can modify the text to suit your needs
  • I’m working toward Zoom webinars having subtitles

If you want to talk with me before joining in to make sure this feels like a supportive space, you can contact me, and we can schedule a call.

Experience the Magic

Most Flexible

$22 per month

  • Ease into it on a monthly basis
  • *Founder Price. Cancel any time.

Best Deal

$220 for 12 months

  • Have us by your side for a year
  • *Founder Price - Get 2 months free.