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What is this Checklist?

This little 💎 of an ebook is the combined wisdom from my 11 years in Marketing working with soulful and heart-centered women.

Turns out, we don’t like to market the way the current culture tells us. It doesn’t feel authentic and good to us. That’s one reason why it’s hard for us to get consistent.

It’s quite a conundrum. We have POWERFUL gifts to give, but how to find the people who need our work without selling out or losing sanity?

How do you know what to focus on in your business?

The FIRST thing we need to focus on is making sure that the FOUNDATION of our business is solid.

You would never worry about what curtains to buy before the concrete foundation was poured for your house, and likewise, you need to focus on the foundational stuff before trying to grow your business.

But how do you know what the foundational pieces are?

That’s what is inside the Marketing Ecosystem Checklist!

It’s every single thing you need to have in place in the 8 Key Foundational Areas of your business.

After you have gone through it, you will know EXACTLY what to focus on and in what order. (As a bonus, your business will more readily be able to withstand any “storms” like recessions, algorithms changing, or Apple iOS updates.)

And that’s hot. 🔥

What happens when you hit “Get my checklist.”

  1. When you enter your email address, you will get redirected to a welcome page with a short video message from me, and you’ll receive an email with a link to download the checklist.
  2. Inside the Marketing Ecosystem Checklist, you will learn what’s wrong with the current marketing strategies, understand how to use the checklist, and get access to a Google Doc version for easy use. And as a bonus, you’ll get a sneak preview of what you need to do to GROW your business after you have the Foundation in place, and you’ll also get the 4 not-often-talked-about reasons why you are stuck even when you have *all the things* in place.
  3. Tomorrow, you will get a video explaining how to use the checklist.
  4. Then, in the next video, I’ll explain why I believe we should move away from the “funnel” and embrace the “Marketing Ecosystem” instead (this is the juicy part where we get to dismantle patriarchy together!).

After that, you will be “on my list” – I encourage you only to stay subscribed if you feel aligned with the content of the videos.
I NEVER want to clutter your inbox or send you useless stuff.

Find the 💸 leaks!

“We are so happy with Karna’s work on our social media makeover. She was so clear and communicative that we knew exactly what she was going to do and when…and then she delivered beyond our expectations! What’s more, she took time to explain why she recommended what she did and received our feedback with openness and humility. It was such a pleasure working with Karna that we highly recommend anyone with marketing support needs work with her if you are lucky enough to have the opportunity!

Dr. Matt Lederman and Dr. Alona Pulde

Meet Your Guide

Karna Liv Nau (she/her)

Karna is an Alignment-Focused Marketing Strategist who incorporates Feminist and Feminine principles into her work. Karna collaborates with women+ leaders with an impactful message who want to detox from patriarchal business practices, embrace their uniqueness as an asset in the market, and make money while making a difference. Her work is centered around helping her clients cultivate a thriving Marketing Ecosystem to get traction, joy, and sales from marketing instead of frustration, feeling inauthentic, and creatively stifled. She believes that a woman with an open heart – aligned with her gifts, a strong support system, and trust in the unfolding of her business makes the impact the world needs right now.

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