Hi, I’m Karna.

Present Moment Magic Maker

After an inspired professional journey that led me to move from my native homeland of Sweden to the US to work with children diagnosed with Autism, becoming a Holistic Health and Eating Psychology Coach, in 2013, I came to work as the Director of Events for Emerging Women.

We did some epic stuff together back then in 2014-2015 and our 400+ women events had keynote speakers like Brené Brown, Ariana Huffington, Alanis Morissette, Eve Ensler, Liz Gilbert, Jane Goodall, Kris Carr, Tererai Trent, Ani DiFranco, Kelly McGonigal, Dr. Kristin Neff, Arianna Huffington…the list goes on.

During this time I jumped feet first into the deep end of the Women’s Empowerment, Tech, Spirituality, and Entrepreneurship “world”! It was the best thing that happened in my career and I am so grateful for that time. It allowed me to see behind the scenes of women in business and what I saw was incredibly beautiful and POWERFUL but also competitive, performative, and horrifyingly toxic.

Through these incredible experiences, I am now fiercely dedicated to ushering in a new way to be, live, work and create that’s steeped in Divine Love. I have no better way of saying it! This new way requires immense self-work and a re-examining of how we do…well, EVERYTHING. It’s not easy work, but it’s worth every tear, new boundary, inner struggle, and taking back our power.

I know that we are here to do our part in making this world more just and equitable for all and I hope I get to help you do and be your true self, while ethically making all the money you desire! Because supporting incredible women to blossom into their TRUE and prosperous selves is one of the most important reasons for me being here on earth.

Since you ended up here, I know you too must be a powerful woman ready to be the most alive and free version of you that you can be. Thank you for all the work you have done on the patterns keeping you stuck and the past trauma you have faced to be the woman you are today. I honor, respect, and believe in you.

I have 10 years of experience in a wide variety of roles from administration, customer service, social media marketing, email marketing, Facebook and Instagram advertising, design, website development, copywriting, community management, team management, live events, digital products, membership creation, and as a former co-founder of a small but mighty Digital Marketing Agency centered around Feminine Business Principles. I’m also the mother of two home-birthed children. What’s your superpower? 

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