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Podcast Interviews with Karna


Hi, I’m Karna!

Let me introduce you to Alignment Marketing, a refreshing approach that discards old, misaligned marketing tactics in favor of authenticity and ease.

My journey in marketing began in a women-led company, where I absorbed every aspect of traditional marketing techniques. However, the realization that these methods often lacked integrity led me to explore and eventually embrace a more ethical, fulfilling approach.

Alignment Marketing is not about aggressive growth but about evolving in harmony with your values and the world around you. It’s a constant process of being in “right relationship” with yourself, others, and the planet.

By aligning your business practices, you attract clients who resonate with your authenticity, resulting in a more impactful, joyous, and successful business journey.

If you’re seeking a marketing approach that feels good and makes a difference, I invite you to explore Alignment Marketing with me.

If you’re interested in diving deeper into this transformative approach and discussing its potential to liberate and inspire your audience, I would be honored to be a guest on your podcast.

Together, we can explore how Alignment Marketing can revolutionize not just how we do business, but how we live and impact the world.

It’s time to innovate how business and marketing are done for the benefit of all.

Say buh-bye to yucky tactics and oh, heeey to strategies based on truth, justice, and what lights you up.
(Cue living-room dance party.)

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