Unlock the infinite wisdom and flow
of the Divine in your business and life.

Hi I’m Karna.

I’m a marketing and business strategist for Divine feminist leaders who want to detox from patriarchal business practices, make money while making a difference, and cultivate space for the things that makes them feel ALIVE!

If that’s you, come explore my offerings.

Ready to transform your Burnout into flow?

Let’s be real. Building a truly sustainable soul-centered business as a woman in 2022 requires a level of dedication and sophistication unheard of in previous times.

Simultaneously, the opportunity to create something impactful, magnificent, and magical has never been so attainable!

One thing I know for sure is that nobody can create a soul legacy in the form of a business by herself.
(We have a crumbling patriarchal world to reimagine for Goddess’ sake!)

Yes, I’m so ready!

That’s where I come in!

I team up with soul-centered women and their teams and pour my hard-earned decade of feminine wisdom into their businesses.

The result: an aligned owner/CEO who can firmly operate in her zone of genius and ENJOY her business, operate a thriving Marketing Ecosystem, implement streamlined systems and operations, and employ ethical and inclusive marketing strategies that boost revenue, impact, and reach.

In summary, working with me is a joyful collaboration that unlocks the wisdom and flow of the Divine.
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soul-centered women (and a few men!).

Work with me

Karna transformed my business in practical and profitable ways that I couldn’t even imagine when we started working together 3 years ago and I am so grateful! I feel truly blessed to know Karna and to benefit from her wisdom, expertise, and potent intuition in my business. She assisted me with efficiency and effectiveness at every single level of my business, including upgrading the brand’s look and feel, streamlining procedures and systems, hiring and managing the team, as well as strategic planning. Karna has the deepest integrity; she is a great communicator and is a visionary expert and strategist. If you have the chance to work with her, just do it, you won’t regret it. Your future self will thank you!

Bethany Webster

Coach & author of "Discovering the Inner Mother"

How did Karna do it? How did she perfectly create my website to sound like me, look like my style, and function in a way that brings ease and enjoyment to myself and others? I cannot stop grinning from ear to ear every time I look at my website and work with it. It’s just, well, perfect! AND if that was not enough, she is totally putting together a whole workflow and team to help me more easily and rapidly get quality content up on my site. Every little penny I have paid Karna to build and sustain my website has been a bargain! (Note, I hate writing this testimonial because others might read it, catch on to her brilliance, and I might have to share her. Shh! Don’t tell anyone else and let’s keep her to ourselves shall we?).

Katrina McHyde
Founder of Owned by Love

I had the privilege of working with Karna at Emerging Women (EW) for two years. Although her title read “Director of Events”, that didn’t come close to representing what Karna did for our company. Karna was the backbone of the organization managing most projects in addition to managing our team. I was always amazed by Karna’s brain and her ability to keep track of every detail related to her job as well as everyone else’s. She was always calm under pressure and her positive energy and grace would shift the way others were feeling and behaving. I always felt confident with Karna by my side knowing that she had thought of everything. Although I no longer work with Karna, she is one of my first phone calls when I need to process a difficult professional or personal issue. She is always able to show me the big picture and ensure that I am working within the framework of my core values. She brings out the fullness in all of us by listening generously and providing deep and wise counsel. I give Karna my very highest recommendation and will be eternally grateful for her presence in my life.

Kara Valentine
Co-Founder Threads Worldwide

Karna’s approach is superbly unique – her amazing ability to know the tech details AND the personal concerns make for an incredible potion of healing and boots-on-the-ground support – yes, the feminine way! While I always struggled to be “business” or “myself”, Karna helped me sink in with all of it and relax, knowing that she can hold all of it, with every step, in building and strengthening my business – be it website, newsletters, marketing ideas, social media – and very idiosyncratic and personal concerns! I love this woman! She is a true alchemist and magician, as well as a precise technician and hand-on assistant. Karna shines working one-on-one and with a team; I so highly endorse her and her work!

Elena Giulini
Acupuncturist, Walk Between Acupuncture

Karna is beyond intuitive.  She’s a personal data scientist, sharply and concisely offering new perspectives and reflections at which one could not have arrived independently.  She offers her services in not just a personal but personalized and comforting manner and environment. Karna is one of those few gifted people who can transform limits into healthy boundaries, and articulate what it means to honor them, accept them, and if necessary, transcend them.

Andrea M.
Wellness Professional

Throughout our partnership, Karna has helped me understand my purpose is not to work or own a business, or a personal brand – I am here to thrive. This tiny mindset shift was massive for me and my relationship with my career. Thanks to her skills, I trust I will move on with everything around on time. In the last 3 months, I’ve attracted my first paying clients and feel absolutely at peace with every decision I make. I could not recommend Karna enough. She is truly magic!

Julie Despraz
Writer & Serial Entrepreneur