Meet the Team

Karna Liv Nau


Karna (she/her) collaborates with women+ leaders with an impactful message who want to detox from patriarchal business practices, embrace their uniqueness as an asset on the market, and make money while making a difference. Her work is centered around helping her clients cultivate a thriving Marketing Ecosystem to get traction, joy, and sales from marketing instead of frustration, feeling inauthentic, and creatively stifled. She believes that sharing your gifts and offers with the world should be fun and nourishing for everyone!

Super Power:
Present moment magic maker

Brandy Murray

Execution Maven

Right after high school, Brandy joined the Navy and traveled the world for 10 years. While working in the Navy, she learned the importance of teamwork and understanding how to get to the root of a tech problem and solve it as efficiently as possible. After doing what she was supposed to do and graduating with a degree in business, something still wasn’t right in her soul. After a visit to Costa Rica, she knew that’s where she needed to be. So she brought her dog there and bought a plot of land where she built a home. Through her spiritual journey, she got clear that she wanted to lend her talents and energy to help thought leaders and Coaches thrive in their businesses.

Super Power:
EXUDES radiant energy and follows through on every project

Glaiza Maloloy-on

Administrative support

Glaiza is a cross-platform virtual and administrative assistant with 6 years of experience. She has a background in nursing, and her kind and generous mannerisms have been an asset in helping people. Glaiza is proficient in organizing and maintaining email campaigns, creating presentations, and handling weekly/monthly reports. Currently, she specializes in social media marketing strategies and scheduling. She creates design assets through Photoshop and Canva. She lives and works in the Philippines with her young son and devoted husband.

Super Power:
Leads with kindness in all pursuits


Brandi Bernoskie

Business Consultant & Entrepreneur

Brandi Bernoskie is founder of Alchemy+Aim and North Star Sites, website agencies that help businesses and entrepreneurs expand their impact, elevate their online presence, and enhance their digital experience. As a business consultant, she helps business owners merge technology with mission and values to create an elevated and intentional experience for their customers and clients. Brandi is a natural connector and business matchmaker, helping others step into their genius work and leverage the expertise of those around them.

Super Power:
Sees into the core and finds solutions to any business challenge

Kendra Sand

Content Strategist

House of Sand is a content strategy consulting company. As a team of writers, editors, and content strategists, we help clients take up space online with intention. Our core services are SEO website copy, blog strategy, SEO blog writing and publishing, and content strategy courses. Founder, Kendra Sand, has over 10 years of experience as a content strategist and has supported TEDxMIleHIgh, Britt Hawthorne, and Publish Your Purpose. Kendra is a third-culture kid and a converted fan of the Oxford comma—with her team, she’s in constant search for the mot juste.

Super Power:
Reaches into the Interwebs and connects you to your ideal audience

Jen Montoya

Website Developer & Design

Founder of Brand RX, a latina-owned, women-led digital agency. As the creative director, Jen and her team of designers, developers, and strategists work with companies to build strong branding and imaginative web design with a focus on meaningful user experience.

Jen and her team expertly turn Squarespace and Shopify templates into well-designed masterpieces or create custom websites that showcase the essence and potency of each brand or expert.

Super Power:
Elevates and beautifies every project she touches

Kai Madrone

Strategic Storyteller

Kai Madrone is a Brand Strategist, Strategic Storyteller, Collaborative Copywriter, and Co-founder of The Paradigm Shift Project. She knows what it’s like to struggle to find a way to do marketing that is both highly effective and truly authentic. That’s why she created the Strategic Storytelling method. She equips paradigm-shifting business owners with the clarity, marketing message, and copy they need in order to draw in the people they’re meant to serve, up-level their business, and thrive.

Super Power:
Pulls your truth out into the world where it creates potent impact
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