ChatGPT 101
for Soulpreneurs

How to use Chat GPT as your free Marketing Assistant in 4 easy steps.

The 4 Steps for using chatgpt like a pro 

✨ Step 1: Unveiling the Magic

Understand what ChatGPT is and how to think about it so you can use it for ethical marketing.

💡 Step 2:
Mastering the Art of Prompts

Explore what prompts are and how to do them effectively.

🌙  Step 3:
Marketing Made Easier

Learn what marketing tasks are suited for using ChatGPT.

❤️ Step 4: Let’s Get Ethical!

How to use ChatGPT with integrity and alignment with your values.

🙌  Bonus Step: Solve Challenges Along the Way

Discover the issues you might encounter when getting started and how to solve them.

“Liv Karna is a true treasure. She stands out as a warrior of love and truth, destined to bring together like-minded individuals into a community that is authentic and naturally flourishing. She is redefining the business landscape, allowing for the emergence of our higher selves, and providing new perspectives on what is possible for women entrepreneurs as they unite in their deepest truths. Liv Karna possesses an innate understanding of expansive, effective marketing strategies for business owners, yet remains humble and open to continuous learning and inquiry. She is a refreshing and vital presence in my life and in the world. Thank you, Liv Karna, for embracing your own path and helping others find theirs – your guidance is invaluable, and you consistently show up and deliver for both yourself and those around you!”

- Zanna Campora
Creative Strategist for Trailblazers, Entrepreneur, and Mom

Karna Liv Nau

Meet Your Guide

Karna Liv Nau (she/her)

Karna is an Alignment-Focused Marketing Strategist who incorporates Feminist and Feminine principles into her work. Karna collaborates with women+ leaders with an impactful message who want to detox from patriarchal business practices, embrace their uniqueness as an asset in the market, and make money while making a difference. Her work is centered around helping her clients cultivate a thriving Marketing Ecosystem to get traction, joy, and sales from marketing instead of frustration, feeling inauthentic, and creatively stifled. She believes that a woman with an open heart – aligned with her gifts, a strong support system, and trust in the unfolding of her business makes the impact the world needs right now.