Align your business with your soul in
Alignment Alchemy Intensive:
Transform your marketing into a thriving Ecosystem.

Hi, I’m Karna!

I’m an Alignment Marketing Strategist and Coach — I’m here to help you evolve into your most aligned and expansive self by providing the mindset shifts, nervous system support, and marketing strategy to shine, be seen, and attract abundant resources!

Inside this container, I’ll help you (and your team) create a Marketing Ecosystem and Foundation for your business, then guide you on building it to reach your financial goals while holding big space for your process and having FUN!

✨You in?✨

I’m sorry, darling. I have bad news.

Soooo…something terrible happened in the Internet marketing and social media “world,” and we’re paying the price right now in confusion, frustration, overwhelm, anxiety, doom scrolling, illness, and sometimes profound rage.

And by we, I mean women (often moms) who grew up in a patriarchal society, who had to enter a world primarily built by men, with mainly capitalist values, that held productivity and growth as the prized goals to strive for above all else.

And the biggest myth…

You can DO IT ALL (and you can do it alone!)

But we both know there’s something VERY wrong with this equation.

Is this you?

You did a great job starting your business and created some success – and you’re damn proud of that – but are now at a plateau and you know that you need support to take your business to the next level.

Do you see the marketing landscape shifting quickly and desire…
  • To get help from a seasoned professional with a solid track record and over a decade of experience working specifically with women-owned online businesses.
  • Someone to help you who understands how to support you on ALL levels of growing your business: the spiritual plane, the practical execution aspect, implementing the systems and automations necessary, the nervous system work, empowering your team, and everything in between.
  • The aid of a coach who can help you align your business with your soul and release business practices steeped in capitalist hustle culture.
  • Support with how to integrate AI ethically into your business.
If your being is relaxing and relief is showering over you – you are in the right place.

I have tons of refreshing and exciting things I want to share with you.

(On the other hand, if you’re wondering if I’ve been microdosing mushrooms and have no clue what I’m talking about, this is your gentle cue to exit through the gift shop.)

The myths you were told about marketing

There are SO many confusing messages circulating the Interwebs right now that it’s hard to narrow them down.
Here are the ones that I think might be most conf

  1. You need to build an evergreen funnel.
  2. You need to do launches to sell your product.
  3. You need to grow your business with social media.
  4. You need to run ads.
  5. You need to sell in your DMs.
  6. You need to master the art of storytelling to sell.
  7. You need to run a challenge.
  8. You need to monetize a Facebook group.
  9. You need to do a “High Ticket” offer.
  10. You need to do a Group Coaching program.

Or, in short: There is one ultimate business model or “the way” to grow, and the others are “dead.”

Some of these strategies can be super efficient and do work!

However, some people *nudge, nudge, wink, wink* have been pushing the envelope a little too far when it comes to professing they have found the holy grail.

What makes it even MORE confusing for soul-gifted, empathetic women+ is that these old-school, toxic-masculine tactics have gotten a “Divine Feminine” Makeover.

This could come in the form of being asked to embrace your “queen,” being a “boss babe/bitch” or as high-pressure sales systems that, if you’re not down with the program, YOU are the one with a “mindset problem” or “limiting money beliefs.”

But I’m here to tell you – you are not the problem, and there is a better way.

Now for the good news!

In the paragraphs that follow, according to the “experts,” I will do a terrible job of selling you what I am trying to sell you. Instead, I’m going to try a radical approach.

I’m going to do my best attempt of telling you the damn truth.

After 13 years in marketing, supporting women-owned businesses, and serving over 40 businesses in depth, I have answers to the marketing plight. 😂

And they are freaking liberating for the women+ I share them with! Instead of offering you a cookie-cutter “roadmap,” I will provide you with a supportive experience designed entirely around you and your gifts, dreams, and vision.

(And I ONLY care about the long game; if you want a “get rich quick” situation, I’m not your gal.)

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What is Alignment Marketing?

Alignment Marketing is a way to take up your rightful place in the world, be visible, and share your work in ways that align with, or in “right relationship” with the Divine, your soul, the wellbeing of others, and the planet.

It’s for trauma-recovering Business owners with a burning desire to be fully resourced in life and thrive by being true to who they are, using their soul gifts and life experience.

It is a framework built on principles rooted in Love, trust in the Divine/Life, and body-based intuition.

It’s nuanced, rich, and bold. And it will ask a lot of you. (You know, like entrepreneurship always does.)

Marketing aligned with your soul allows you to reach the people you are meant to serve and make good money. Can I get an amen?

Alignment Marketing can be divided into four parts.

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Adopting these approaches to step
into the flow
  • Trust in the Unfolding of Life
  • Alignment with your Soul’s Values
  • Putting Transformation and Storytelling at the center of your marketing efforts
  • Reject toxic marketing practices and messages
  • Being motivated by doing your soul work and letting money be a byproduct of your alignment not the primary focus
  • Embrace a marketing Ecosystem over a funnel
Begin taking aligned action
  • Market your message using your strengths and gifts
  • Step into collaboration + Leverage other people’s strengths and audiences
  • Go slow + Build sustainably
  • Use your body for information on how to grow your business AKA Embodied Entrepreneurship
  • Being OK with taking small steps
  • Knowing when to push
Getting comfortable with expanding
outside your comfort zone
  • Understand discomfort as part of the expansion
  • Make friends with money
  • Understand that your brain is wired to keep you safe in your comfort zone (even if your comfort zone is lack)
  • Get comfortable with your contribution and being visible
  • Grieving as a business practice
  • Embrace curiosity and the experience itself
Redefining success from the inside out
and rejecting capitalism
  • Leaving a legacy of Love
  • Accomplishment is fulfilling your potential, not earning your worth
  • Enough is success
  • Claim and take up your space
  • Growing your business is ultimately about your Becoming and Blossoming
  • Identifying your true earning numbers

What your heart and soul desire IS possible.

I know this works because I live and breathe it every day in my own life and with my clients.

Now I want you to have this kind of freedom in your life! It’s the BEST feeling in the world to know that what you are focusing on is the right thing at the right time. To know that you are moving toward your super epic dream life (as you define it!) and that you get to have help doing it and processes and automation doing the heavy lifting for you. To know you’re not alone on the path. It’s freaking delicious. And you DESERVE delicious.

I know that you have already come SO far from where you started. You’re NOT supposed to be able to figure our how to uplevel your business alone! I am pretty smart, and it took me OVER A DECADE of dedicated trial and error (to the tune of tens of thousands of $), and I’m still learning!

There is a whole new world we get to create together. A parallel structure to the system crumbling all around us where you get to take up your rightful space in the world. You get to attract money and clients. And you get to grieve. Above all, we get to straddle the full spectrum of what it means to be a human woman in 2024 on planet earth, in all its pain, peace, and glory!

What. A. Ride.

I hope I get to sit next to you on the roller coaster. Arms up! Here we gooooooooo! 🎢

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How I propose we get dirty together

After YEARS of noodling (read agonizing) about how to best help already successful women who are ready to make more impact and money with ease, I’ve finally settled on the container that I think will truly, madly, deeply serve you the best…

Alignment Alchemy is a 3-month-long HIGH TOUCH strategic Alignment Marketing, implementation, and radically transformative experience.

Together, we will build the eight foundational pillars of your Marketing Ecosystem, plug any leaks in your business and marketing, identify any blocks to you getting to the next level, create new systems and automation, and get your team in place.

What you get inside Alignment Alchemy 3-month Intensive


Together, we will…

  • Explore your Vision
  • Set your Soul-Aligned Business Mindset
  • Decide your True North Direction
  • Identify your Marketing and Business Ecosystem Leaks
  • Detox from capitalist values and oppressive patriarchal marketing systems


I will thoroughly Audit the eight pillars of your marketing Ecosystem and help transform them into a well-oiled machine that works for you to get momentum and traction.

  • Elevating Your Online Presence + Brand:  We’ll work together to create specific changes for your website and brand that allow you to better connect with your ideal customers by speaking to their needs, catching their eye, and letting go of anything holding your website back from converting and performing well.
  • Clarifying Your Message: Together, we’ll hone in on your core message, making sure it resonates with your audience and clearly communicates the unique value you bring to the table.
  • Identifying Your Ideal Client: We’re not just looking for any client; we’re searching for your soulmate client. We’ll work together to define exactly who they are and how you can best serve their needs.
  • Creating a Solution-Oriented Offer: Your services are valuable, and we want to make sure your clients know it. We’ll develop an irresistible offer that solves their problems and leaves them wanting more.
  • Establishing a Robust Email Marketing Strategy: Email is a powerful tool, and we’ll help you harness it. From crafting compelling newsletters to creating engaging campaigns, we’ve got your email marketing covered.
  • Automating Your Success: Save time and increase efficiency with our tailored email automation sequences, designed to nurture your leads and keep your audience engaged.
  • Building Your List with a Magnetic Relationship Builder, aka a “Freebie”: Attract new subscribers with an irresistible freebie that provides immediate value and starts building a relationship from the get-go.
  • Optimizing Your Social Media: Ready to take your social media to the next level? We can help optimize your profiles and content strategy to ensure you’re reaching your target audience and making an impact.


This is when I stand by you and your team, offering accountability, guidance, cheerleading, and anything else you need to succeed.

  • Weekly Calls
  • Email Support
  • WhatsApp Access
  • Access to my collaborators
  • Support for your team

We’re not here to follow a cookie-cutter system that drains our creativity and unique expression. We’re here to turn our soul gifts into a Love-rebellion where we all thrive using our gifts and talents. 

Karna Liv Nau

What people who have worked with me have to say:

Experience the Magic

Most Flexible

$2750 per month for 4 months

  • Pay monthly

Best Value

$10K Pay in full

  • Get a $1000 PIF discount

Now Booking Spring 2024

I’m excited to book your intensive in 2024.
I accept one new 3-month Intensive client per month to ensure a high-quality experience.

January Kick-off – BOOKED

February Kick-off – BOOKED

March Kick-off – BOOKED

April Kick-off – OPEN

May Kick-off – OPEN

(May Kick-off is completed over four months because I take July off to go to my family in Sweden😊)


15 reasons I’m the person to help you

  • Passionate Advocate for Women in Business: For over a decade, I’ve wholeheartedly supported women-led ventures, empowering them to reach their full potential.
  • Instagram Expert: Watched a client’s Instagram community explode from 250 to 50K engaged followers in two years, proving my knack for social media.
  • Facebook Group Builder: In just 2.5 years, I’ve nurtured a Facebook group to life, growing it to 18,000 active members.
  • Email List Genius: Boosted a client’s mailing list by 6,864 subscribers in a single year, and all without spending a dime on ads.
  • Email Engagement Rockstar: Took a client’s open rates from a standard 23% to an impressive 50% over two years, breaking industry records.
  • Event Planning Pro: I’ve brought over 400 participants together in cities from New York to Seattle, making lasting connections and creating unforgettable experiences.
  • Course Launch Expert: With a track record of over 12 successful course launches, I’ve mastered the art of turning knowledge into income.
  • Email Marketing Aficionado: Written hundreds of emails, from nurturing new subscribers to reactivating old ones, I’ve done it all.
  • Partner to Women-Led Ventures: I’ve had the pleasure of working with over 40 women-led companies, helping them soar to new heights.
  • Web Design Queen: From concept to code, I’ve co-created over 30 custom websites, each tailored to my clients’ unique vision.
  • Mentor and Trainer: I’ve trained a diverse team of 15 Virtual Assistants and Admin staff, spreading knowledge across four countries and six U.S. states.
  • Operational Wicth: For a multi-six-figure client, I set up all the crucial behind-the-scenes business systems, ensuring everything runs like clockwork.
  • Entrepreneur at Heart: Co-founded a thriving Digital Marketing Agency and steered it to multiple six figures in just its second year.
  • Dedicated Mother: I’ve embraced motherhood head-on, birthing two children at home and upholding my values every step of the way.
  • Conqueror of Personal Fears: I’ve faced my fears, overcome my survival patterns, and found my voice, all while remaining true to myself.

    I’m uniquely qualified to work with Soulpreneurs and good at what I do. I’ve helped dozens of women thrive in their businesses beyond what patriarchal systems have offered them as solutions and ideals.

Now I want to Do that for you.


Kai Madrone

Kai Madrone guides people who would rather not do marketing to discover their message and find their voice so their business can thrive. She is a writer + brand strategist + copywriting coach + editor who is here to support healers, teachers, artists, coaches, and innovators who are leaving the world more whole than they found it.

Kai knows what it’s like to struggle with marketing strategies that feel inauthentic, exhausting, or prove ineffective. That’s why she shares the TrueVoice Marketing approach–a way to hone your message so you get strong results by listening to your client and being yourself.

Kendra Sand

Kendra is a content strategist, editor, and writer with 13+ years of digital marketing experience. She loves building content with visionary people—and helping them take up space online and IRL. She’s a low-key witch, a third-culture kid (she’s lived all over the US and the world), and a converted fan of the Oxford comma.

When she isn’t building her business, she’s playing “hot lava” with her wild toddler or being creative in the kitchen.

Brandi Bernoskie

Brandi Bernoskie is the founder of Alchemy+Aim and North Star Sites, website agencies that help businesses and entrepreneurs expand their impact, elevate their online presence, and enhance their digital experience.

As a business consultant, she helps business owners merge technology with mission and values to create an elevated and intentional experience for their customers and clients. Brandi is a natural connector and business matchmaker, helping others step into their genius work and leverage the expertise of those around them.


Alignment Sanctuary Access

As my client in Alignment Alchemy, you also get access to my monthly membership called Alignment Sanctuary.

The Alignment Sanctuary is more than just an online space; it’s a village designed to counter the myth that you’re meant to navigate life’s challenges alone.

With weekly, heartfelt meetings and wisdom from diverse women, this Sanctuary is the soulful antidote to “solo healing.”

In these challenging (and sometimes insane) times, the Alignment Sanctuary is a sacred haven of collective resilience and a real testament to the magic that unfolds when women come together and connect from the heart. It’s a warm, nurturing blanket of sanity and mutual understanding. 💜

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Embarking on a transformative journey for you and your biz within the Alignment Alchemy Intensie is a powerful step towards realizing your fullest potential. This is more than just a marketing overhaul; it’s a catalyst for profound growth – for you AND your business. But, as with all great endeavors, real transformation requires commitment—a commitment to show up, to do the work, and to be present in every moment of this journey.

I give 110% to every woman I work with, and in return, I ask for your full commitment. This is a two-way street; the more you put in, the more profound the results.

I open the doors to this transformative container only once every three months and do this intentionally. It ensures that I can give my undivided attention, energy, and resources to help you achieve the breakthroughs and growth you desire in your life and business.

I take July off and two weeks at the end of December. I suggest you do the same 😉

There are no refunds.

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Real Talk

I see you. I really do. I understand the rollercoaster you’re on because I’ve ridden it myself, and I’ve helped countless other women just like you navigate its highs and lows. Building a business is no small feat, especially in these tumultuous times. It’s challenging, exhilarating, and downright tough. But, oh, is it worth it.

I know what it’s like to be in your shoes, facing the uncertainty of entrepreneurship, wondering if you’re making the right choices, and feeling the weight of wanting to succeed not just for yourself, but for everyone who believes in you. I’ve built businesses from the ground up, had to let one go…😞 Celebrated the victories, and weathered the storms – and there were plenty.

But here’s the thing, you don’t have to do this alone. I’m here to be your sounding board, strategist, and biggest cheerleader. I know when to offer a supportive shoulder, when to share wisdom from the trenches, and when to give you that loving nudge to hold you accountable. Because sometimes, we all need someone to remind us of our power and potential.

You’ve got this. And I’ve got you.

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Karna is a gem. Her insight into what’s true for others and her own truth, while creating a space for it to be expressed with grace, celebration and bravery; her generosity with what she was put on this earth for, with everyone around her; her magic in being a mother, friend, partner, healer, and business owner while also healing and owning her own unfolding. This woman is a warrior of love and truth, meant to gather those on the same journey together for community, a community that is genuine and organically growing. Karna is revolutionizing the business experience as we know it, infusing a space for our higher selves to truly emerge, and giving fresh eyes for what’s possible for women entrepreneurs as we join together in our fullest truth. BONUS: Karna KNOWS in her bones badass, expansive marketing strategy for business owners yet is real enough to always continue to learn and ask questions. She is truly a breath of fresh air in my life and for the world. Thank you, Karna for saying yes to your own alignment as you guide others in theirs-its so needed and you always show up and deliver for both yourself and others around you!

Zannah Campora
Coach & Creative Strategist for Trailblazers

How did Karna do it? How did she perfectly create my website to sound like me, look like my style, and function in a way that brings ease and enjoyment to myself and others? I cannot stop grinning from ear to ear every time I look at my website and work with it. It’s just, well, perfect! AND if that was not enough, she is totally putting together a whole workflow and team to help me more easily and rapidly get quality content up on my site. Every little penny I have paid Karna to build and sustain my website has been a bargain! (Note, I hate writing this testimonial because others might read it, catch on to her brilliance, and I might have to share her. Shh! Don’t tell anyone else and let’s keep her to ourselves shall we?).

Katrina McHyde
Founder of Owned by Love

I had the privilege of working with Karna at Emerging Women (EW) for two years. Although her title read “Director of Events”, that didn’t come close to representing what Karna did for our company. Karna was the backbone of the organization managing most projects in addition to managing our team. I was always amazed by Karna’s brain and her ability to keep track of every detail related to her job as well as everyone else’s. She was always calm under pressure and her positive energy and grace would shift the way others were feeling and behaving. I always felt confident with Karna by my side knowing that she had thought of everything. I give Karna my very highest recommendation and will be eternally grateful for her presence in my life.

Kara Valentine
Co-Founder Threads Worldwide

Karna’s approach is superbly unique – her amazing ability to know the tech details AND the personal concerns make for an incredible potion of healing and boots-on-the-ground support – yes, the feminine way! While I always struggled to be “business” or “myself”, Karna helped me sink in with all of it and relax, knowing that she can hold all of it, with every step, in building and strengthening my business – be it website, newsletters, marketing ideas, social media – and very idiosyncratic and personal concerns! I love this woman! She is a true alchemist and magician, as well as a precise technician and hand-on assistant. Karna shines working one-on-one and with a team; I so highly endorse her and her work!

Elena Giulini
Acupuncturist, Walk Between Acupuncture

Karna is beyond intuitive.  She’s a personal data scientist, sharply and concisely offering new perspectives and reflections at which one could not have arrived independently.  She offers her services in not just a personal but personalized and comforting manner and environment. Karna is one of those few gifted people who can transform limits into healthy boundaries, and articulate what it means to honor them, accept them, and if necessary, transcend them.

Andrea M.
Wellness Professional

Throughout our partnership, Karna has helped me understand my purpose is not to work or own a business, or a personal brand – I am here to thrive. This tiny mindset shift was massive for me and my relationship with my career. Thanks to her skills, I trust I will move on with everything around on time. In the last 3 months, I’ve attracted my first paying clients and feel absolutely at peace with every decision I make. I could not recommend Karna enough. She is truly magic!

Julie Despraz
Writer & Serial Entrepreneur

In the short time, we’ve worked with Karna, she’s helped us bring our website into alignment with what we value and present it in a way that reflects who we are and what we do. She’s also helped us create a model for our work that takes what feels impossibly complex and multilayered and made it clear, concise, and approachable, without losing the depth of what we’re offering. She listens and researches so that she can create a plan that deeply understands you and your work, and then wrangles you when you lose track of it.

Alyssa Morin
The Verdant Collective

As you continue your entrepreneur journey, things get lost in the mix. Your focus is limited. When Karna came to me with her analysis of my current customer journey—and more importantly how we could TOTALLY revamp it—I was simultaneously smiling ear to ear and kicking myself internally for not doing it yesterday. The way she’s able to “get it” with your brand (from my experience) and distill the essentials is unbeatable. She’s now my go-to deep thought customer journey planning pal!

Chris Greene
CEO of HackThatHabit