Personalized Strategy + Systems to scale your business
while having fun and staying sane.



As a high performing woman with a lot of things to juggle, a passion for being part of changing this world for the better, do you find yourself overworking, over criticizing, over-analyzing, frustrated about where you are, comparing yourself to others, feeling stressed out and spread too thin?


If you answered YES to this question, I am so happy to let you know: There is another way! YOUR way.

There’s no need to try to do everything, constantly push yourself or keep spinning your wheels by trying one strategy after the next without gaining the clarity, momentum, or feeling the way you truly want to feel when you wake up in the morning. Keep exploring to see what else is possible…

Do you know, deep in your soul and heart that you are meant to do important work in the world that makes a real difference? But when it comes to being successful in life simply by being yourself, you feel confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated?

Really, you just want the chance to be the unique and amazing woman you are and not work so effing hard at everything, whether your business, marriage, friendships, or your kids?

If this sounds familiar, I’ve found a magical doorway that I’d like to share with you.

It’s not easy to live a life that feels authentic and fun. Where the work you do is valued and seen, where you have support and freedom, but it can be done. Just not how you (or I) have been taught. The experiences I offer are designed to actually shift your mindset and do deep healing, setting you up for sustainable success – allowing you to enjoy all stages of your life and feel like everything you DO is an extension of who you ARE.

Women like us don’t like a cookie-cutter approach, it makes us feel inauthentic and therefore unable to make other people’s “proven processes” work.

In my programs, we will spend as much time un-learning and cutting out things that are not right for you as we will on making sure your focus is on point by being in the moment and getting really curious about the possibilities beyond your current limiting beliefs.

I’m devoted to building long-term relationships with the intention to keep you on track until you are able to relax into your being and live an empowered life from that place.

Want to join me? 



Karna is like a ray of sunshine and clarity. She is an amazing listener with incredible intuition who can almost read your mind in order to understand your business. Her ability to reflect back to you what you are wanting to achieve is a true gift. I am impressed with her ability to grasp complex issues and simplify them. Her clear and very grounded approach provides a wonderful container from which to grow and expand your business. Karna has a way of making you feel confident and capable to achieve your dreams. I would highly recommend Karna as an empowerment coach and business consultant.Lois Shannon
Lois ShannonThe Woman’s Network, Boulder, CO
Karna is a very special blend of inspiration, tech skills, kind encouragement, and a most welcome kick in the pants. Her charisma makes me want to call her a dear friend and her business acumen makes me want her in my corner as I step out professionally. She has a great eye for helping with websites and is full of ideas for marketing and sales. Karna is the definition to mixing spiritual depth with a go getter approach in the world! She can assist both with the inner journey of becoming and empowerment, along with the outer journey of reaching your greatest goals and success.Kelley Neumann
Kelley NeumannIntuitive Coach, Boulder, CO
As a young business owner at times it feels completely overwhelming the amount of "stuff" there is to do in order to keep the business afloat. Shameless self-promotion, emails galore, free this, paid that, it can all get pretty convoluted pretty fast! Having someone like Karna on my team has been invaluable! I am currently offering a ten week group coaching program on starting your own business, and Karna was generous enough to give an hour of her time to the group. In one hour, Karna managed to rock, unravel and uplift every participant on the call. She was strong, inspiring and TOUGH! Rather than glossing over the insecurities some of the participants expressed, Karna dove in to help the students overcome their struggles, and it worked! If there is anyone who I would enlist for help with my business, it is Karna. She is so powerful, yet compassionate. Her balance of masculine and feminine is stunning, and I am grateful to know her every single day. Plus, who wouldn't want a super tall and super hot Swedish chick with an accent on their team? 😉Heather Kelly
Heather KellyOpeNutrition, Alaska
Karna's approach is superbly unique - her amazing ability to know the tech details AND the personal concerns make for an incredible potion of healing and boots-on-the-ground support - yes, the feminine way! While I always struggled to be "business" or "myself", Karna helped me sink in with all of it and relax, knowing that she can hold all of it, with every step, in building and strengthening my business - be it website, newsletters, marketing ideas, social media - and very idiosyncratic and personal concerns! I love this woman! She is a true alchemist and magician, as well as a precise technician and hand-on assistant. Karna shines working one-on-one and with a team; I so highly endorse her and her work!Elena Giulini
Elena GiuliniWalk Between Acupuncture, Boulder, Colorado
One of the hardest things to do is be completely open and vulnerable with someone else, but the immediate connection and sense of kinship I felt with Karna when we first spoke has made sharing my stories, fears, and thoughts with her so easy. Karna has been such a loving, warm guide; yet at the same time, she also knows how and when to challenge me. While my issues with food and weight were the impetus for beginning to work with Karna, I have found so much more on this journey: she has been helping me fall in love with my body and life, realize my true purpose, and discover and embrace my deepest self – one full of beautiful contradictions and desires. Working with Karna been nothing short of life changing.Brandi Bernoskie
Brandi Bernoskie
Karna has so much faith in the people she works with - I immediately felt safe and cared for. She quickly channeled my business ideas into a sense of structure and organization with a beautiful esthetic. She helped me change my excess anxiety into a sense of meaning and purpose, and I now have a plan that I am excited to execute.Max Brandel
Max BrandelCounselor, Boulder, Colorado