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A woman with an open heart – aligned with courage, vision, and embodied soul gifts makes the most expansive and powerful business I’ve ever seen. 
I create a safe space for you to step into that. 

Hands-off Instagram Makeover

Where Proven Social Media Marketing Strategy, Gorgeous Custom Brand Templates, and Your Soul Gifts Meet. Even when you are ambivalent about being on social media.

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Marketing Ecosystem Audit

Get clarity on where Marketing Ecosystem is not working, leaking energy, what’s missing for your customers, what to do about it, and in what order to take action.

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Alignment Alchemy 3-Month Intensive

Get exclusive access to me and my collaborative team to uplevel every aspect of your business, turning a leaking funnel into a thriving Marketing Ecosystem infused with soul. This is for women with a successful business who want to take their income, reach, and impact to the next level with more ease and JOY!

Align Your Business

The Alignment Sanctuary

The Alignment Sanctuary is a village designed to counter the myth that you’re meant to navigate life’s challenges alone. With weekly, heartfelt meetings and wisdom from diverse women, this Sanctuary is the soulful antidote to “solo healing.” Affordable AF.

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Sample Success Metrics

  • Thirteen years supporting women-led businesses.

  • I built a client’s Instagram following from 250 to 50K highly engaged followers in three years.

  • I built a high-quality Facebook group with 18,000 members in 2.5 years.

  • Grew a client’s mailing list with 6864 new subscribers in one year without using paid ads.

  • Increased client open rates from 23% to 50% open rates over two years compared to the women’s self-help industry standard of 23.42%.

  • Co-produced six live events with over 400 participants in New York, San Fransisco, Boulder, Boston, Chicago, and Seattle.

  • Co-created a Facebook ad suite that brought in qualified leads at $0.49-2/lead over two years (2020-2021).

  • Co-created four Facebook ad campaigns with 4.9X ROAS (return on ad spend.)

  • Co-wrote two emails that resulted in 2,000 webinar signups that converted 20 leads to paying customers at a $697 price point.

  • Facilitated over 12 successful course launches (from 5 to 6-figure launches).

  • I have written hundreds of emails, nurture series, and reactivation email campaigns.

  • I have worked with over 40 women-led companies.

  • Co-created over 30 custom websites.

  • Set up dozens of online courses and a few memberships.

  • I taught multiple Instagram Workshops and trainings.

  • I trained 15 Virtual Assistants and Admin staff in 4 countries and 6 US states.

  • I birthed two children at home.
  • Had a lot of fun!

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“Karna has made my business dreams come true! Choosing to work with Karna is one of the best things that has ever happened to my business and one of the best choices I’ve ever made as a business owner.

For a very long time, I was working too hard, feeling stressed, and not using efficient systems, which left me less and less time to be creative and reflective as a CEO. I needed to streamline my business and outsource tasks so that I could have more time and space to be the creative director of my business. What I needed was an expert business strategist at the helm to help me implement things I have been wanting to do but putting off for years.

Karna transformed my business in practical and profitable ways that I couldn’t even imagine when we started working together 3 years ago and I am so grateful! I feel truly blessed to know Karna and to benefit from her wisdom, expertise, and potent intuition in my business. She assisted me with efficiency and effectiveness at every single level of my business, including upgrading the brand’s look and feel, streamlining procedures and systems, hiring and managing the team, as well as strategic planning.

Karna has the deepest integrity; she is a great communicator and is a visionary expert and strategist. If you have the chance to work with her, just do it, you won’t regret it. Your future self will thank you!

Bethany Webster
the world’s leading expert on Healing the Mother Wound & author of “Discovering the Inner Mother”

Karna is very knowledgeable and has a true passion for her industry. She’s always quick to respond, takes the time to truly understand her client’s needs, and is honest at setting the right expectations. She has guided me through elaborate processes on topics I knew nothing about – social media – in a way that felt intuitive, interesting, and doable. She knows how to spark courage in others, and is a delight to work with. Karna has my highest recommendation.

Filiz Tamer
Dating Coach for Introverts at Quiet Confidence

How did Karna do it? How did she perfectly create my website to sound like me, look like my style, and function in a way that brings ease and enjoyment to myself and others? I cannot stop grinning from ear to ear every time I look at my website and work with it. It’s just, well, perfect! AND if that was not enough, she is totally putting together a whole workflow and team to help me more easily and rapidly get quality content up on my site. Every little penny I have paid Karna to build and sustain my website has been a bargain! (Note, I hate writing this testimonial because others might read it, catch on to her brilliance, and I might have to share her. Shh! Don’t tell anyone else and let’s keep her to ourselves shall we?).

Katrina McHyde
Owned by Love