Love Notes To Your Inner Child

Inner child feet

Love Notes To Your Inner Child

Yesterday morning, I went really deep into a healing session with one of my soul sisters. As I put my energy inward, I could feel my inner child hurting.

My friend held space for me and encouraged me to use my voice to express how horrible things that I’ve experienced in my life actually were for me.

No words, just sounds.

What came out were the sounds of my heart screaming in agony.

(Good thing my neighbors aren’t that close or they would have gotten quite the scare!)

After the session, my yoga mat had puddles of tears and snot on it.

I used some tissues to wipe it up while wondering what the hell just happened, knowing only it was exactly perfect, whatever it was.

Our children are in pain!

This healing came right after another school shooting where kids were hurt and killed.

We are better than this.

And we are powerful beyond belief. I’m finally starting to get that in my BONES.

The healing of this very hurting planet cannot start any place but here.

We heal ourselves first and then the outside shifts.

To tell you the truth, it is amazing I still have so much digging and healing to do even after years and YEARS of being willing to heal and doing the work.

It’s humbling, to say the least.

But I’ve come a long way! (Go, Karna, GO!!!)

Talking to my inner child.

As I sit here with my hands on my heart asking my inner child: what do you want me to share today?

I hear:

I see you.
I hear you.
I’m here.
I’m always here.
You’re safe.
I will care for you.
I’m sorry it happened.
I love you.

You don’t have to put up with anything that hurts or harms you.
You are not alone.
You are perfectly imperfect.
You’re enough.
Your opinions matter.
YOU matter.
It’s safe to trust again.
You can take your time.
You can trust this process.
You’re of Divine origin.
You are made of love and light.
The other stuff is just…crud obstructing your lens.
You can make a difference here.
You are an important puzzle piece.
It’s essential that you take good care of you.
Other people do not have to understand you or your process.

I see you.
I’m here.
I’m always here.
You’re safe.
I will care for you.
I’m sorry it happened.
I love you.


I’m the little one with the hat; the big one is my oldest sister and fierce protector, Anna.

Please help me hold little Karnis near your heart so she can be brave and embrace her LIGHT.

I also ask that you take good care of that little one inside you too.

She has much to share with you and she needs to be heard.

Then, let’s work together toward making sure all children can be safe and loved (and have a healthy planet to live on).

All my love,


PS. You are valuable, unique and so very special.

PPS. Let’s heal so we can make the world better for the kids, OK? They deserve better than this.