You Can Live Your Dream Life

You can live your dream life

Having your dream life is entirely possible, but the road there is usually full of challenges…

Have you ever had a feeling where you know that you’re meant to do something important in the world, but you’re not quite there and still (with conviction so deep and so wide) you keep working toward your dream life every damn day?

(Even if it’s you just telling your friend via text that you want to work on stuff, but you’re so tired you just want to cry and sleep for a week.)

Well, that’s been me for a loooong time. Having conviction and faith in myself and the process, but feeling impossibly far from realizing my dreams, dealing with anxiety and fear on a daily basis.

An unfamiliar feeling arrives…

Sometime recently I started waking up with a whole new feeling in my body. Instead of waking up with dread (bad day) or excited to get shit done (good day), there’s been a whole new feeling…

I open my eyes, maybe 4:20 am to go feed P, with a calm feeling inside and my mind tells me:

“Dude, you made it. ”

I’m like, “Whoayou’re right…I mother-fucking MADE IT! I’m actually living my version of a dream life!”

(I know, I know, such strong language. When you’ve been fighting for your LIFE for 3 decades like I have, your husband’s been out of town, one kid just had a cold from Gehenna and the other has croup—swearing feels like the only right thing to do!)

Back to 4:20 am. So I’m sitting there nursing and feel around inside of my being and notice…

…I deeply love and approve of myself. Even the parts I used to judge.

…that I know I’m a child of Divine Origin. I don’t just think it, I AM IT!

And that’s a distinctly different experience.

What MY version of a dream life looks like!

On top of feeling deep self-love and trust in my path, I also get to do the work I love the most in the world—helping women shine and know they can now safely be who they are, plus have their own version of crazy success—and the women are such phenomenal forces too, OMG.

You see why I am pinching myself on a daily basis!

So, I ask you: Celebrate with me!

Then turn it around and knowif she can do it (whatever IT is for YOU), so can I! 

If you feel so inspired, rejoice in OUR shared victory and know your dreams are entirely possible and on their way.

And if you are not feeling this, if this very post annoys the shit out if you…

AWESOME! You are allowed to feel whatever you want to feel, and be wherever you are in your process.

I am not your guru, right.

I’m just a girlstanding in front of another girlasking you to not do anything for me (other than doing you 100%)

Because I’ve been lower than low (contemplating suicide…but not to worry, this was years ago) artificially high on my own DOING, and everywhere in between.

And every place brought me very special gifts if I look back at it all now.


I believe in LOVE. 

In myself.

And in my community of the most stunning beings, one could ever hope to meet.

If you’re interested, check out three of my clients below, they are so freaking badass!

My dream life clients!


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We are the #possibilitarians






PS. Below is a real text from last week between me and one of my besties… No matter how grateful I am and how awesome my life is, this is still the hardest work I’ve ever done…

PPS. Do you feel like it’s possible to live your dream life? Let me know in the commennts.


When your dream life feels like a nightmare...