What Is Alignment Marketing?

Woman writing on a laptop with the words on the image What is Alignment Marketing by Karna Liv Nau

Let me introduce you to your new business bestie, Alignment Marketing. You might be thinking, what is Alignment Marketing? Great! Something else I have to learn. Nope. This is about getting permission to throw out the old marketing ways that do not align with you and stepping into a way to share your authentic message and bring in your “Soulmate” clients to you with ease.

Instead of confining blueprints and building expensive, complicated funnels, you get to find freedom in sharing your message—and many other meaningful expressions of being human, like trust in yourself, balanced productivity and regeneration, joy in your work, and the right kind of clients. And you get to have fun in the process. (Remember fun? I think it needs a comeback–STAT.)

I invite you to explore creating a Marketing Ecosystem that becomes the foundation of your marketing effort, allowing you to find flow in evolving your business.

Beyond “Bro Marketing”: Reclaiming the Joy of Sharing Our Work in a Way That Feels Good

Ugh, another day goes by trying to get your head wrapped around this “marketing thing.” Yet nothing being taught out there truly resonates with who you are, what you like doing, and what you believe in. You feel overwhelmed, edging into desperation territory. The thought, “I fucking hate marketing!” goes through your head. Can you relate? 

When I started working in Marketing, I was the right-hand woman of a women-led company and needed to help the owners grow the damn thing. I learned everything there was to know about marketing, soaking it all like a hungry sponge.

Some things definitely worked. Adding urgency and scarcity… Higher open and purchase rates! Creating FOMO and adding countdown timers… Absolutely boosted results! Employing sales psychology and persuasion tactics… We got increased engagement and sales! 

But the way we were going about creating these results didn’t feel good to me at all! Thus began my exploration into an alternative way of doing “marketing” (see, even the word itself is slightly annoying!). I knew there had to be a different way of doing things in a way that was with integrity.

Embracing the concept of evolving instead of chasing infinite growth

After a decade of personal and professional experimentation and soul-searching, I found a way to do business and evolve that business that felt good and right in my being. Notice that I don’t say “grow the business.” Within the framework of Alignment Marketing, I like using the notion of the business evolving rather than growing and expanding. I use that term because sometimes it’s right for a business to make less money or attract less business for a while in service to the business owner’s health or some other aspect of the business. Novel concept, I know!

What Is Alignment Marketing?

Alignment Marketing is a way to take up your rightful place in the world, be visible, and share your work in ways that align with, or are in “right relationship” with the Divine, your soul’s values, the well-being of others, and the planet.

The desire to be in “right relationship” is key

From a social justice or sustainability perspective, being in right relationship means acknowledging and respecting the interconnectedness of all beings and systems and working towards creating a more just, equitable, and sustainable world.

Alignment Marketing is not a duplicatable process of arriving at a specific place. It’s more like a constant process of “relating to”—of evolving, growing, and being curious about ourselves and the world around us.

Here’s What You Get To Play With When You Align

  • Soulmate clients that find YOU
  • Peace in mind and body
  • More energy left for what brings you joy
  • Flowing with cycles of evolution and regeneration that you understand
  • Connection and community
  • Easier sales
  • Increased confidence
  • Being in right relationship with yourself and others
  • Trust in the journey
  • Joy and fun in the process
  • Ability to relax into the present and not always look toward future goals
  • Money in your bank account

Alignment Marketing Is More Art Than Science

Unlike traditional marketing (yeah we’re talking about bro marketing), there’s no cookie-cutter formula or “blueprint” to follow. Instead, sharing your work with the world in this new way requires adopting gentle structures that are solid enough to guide your process, yet pliable enough to allow you to add your own flavor, creativity, intuition, and a willingness to take risks. 

Alignment Marketing involves slowing down, tuning into your intuition, and using that wisdom to guide your marketing efforts.

Come For The Freedom—Stay For the Impact and Generative Experience

In my experience, Alignment Marketing is more effective than traditional marketing approaches for people who operate in the spiritual business, personal growth, and/or coaching realm. 

When you approach your marketing from a place of alignment and authenticity, your customers can sense it. They feel a connection with you and your business beyond a transactional relationship. They become invested in your success—as much as you are invested in them—because they believe in what you stand for. The relationship becomes a healthy and mutually beneficial, non-hierarchal exchange. I’ve seen this happen repeatedly in my business and for my clients. 

This is when Alignment Marketing turns into Attraction Marketing, and you are effortlessly drawing your Soulmate clients and customers to you! It’s incredibly liberating, and I want this for you, too!

 Get a Marketing Ecosystem Audit

Introducing the Alignment Marketing Ecosystem



Get clarity on where your marketing ecosystem is not working or leaking energy, what’s missing for your customers, what to do about it, and in what order to take action.

  • Comprehensive understanding of how to fill the gaps in your online presence.
  • A streamlined customer journey.
  • Clear messaging and calls to action across all channels.
  • More engagement with your content (social, email, website).
  • Increased revenue.
  • Positions you as the expert in your niche.
  • Language and brand are cohesive down to the smallest details, leading to brand loyalty and raving customers.
  • Clarity and calm for you, the CEO/owner.

It’s a sacred oasis where we explore gentle structures to support you into your most clear, bold, and authentic expression of you and your work. Cue epic dance party!

Get a Marketing Ecosystem Audit STAT!

TL;DR: What is Alignment Marketing?

  • Alignment Marketing is a way to take up your rightful place in the world, be visible, and share your work in ways that align with or are in “right relationship” with the Divine, your soul’s values, the well-being of others, and the planet.
  • Unlike traditional marketing practices, there’s no cookie-cutter formula or “blueprint” to follow.
  • Instead, sharing your work with the world in this new way requires creativity, intuition, and a willingness to take risks while employing gentle frameworks and structures that are the FORM that allows your business to FLOW.
  • Here’s what you can gain: pretty much everything—connection, intuition, regeneration, money in your bank account, and so much fun!

If you don’t want to do this alone but can’t live with marketing as you’ve been taught/told to do it (and need freedom and fun fucking STAT, or you’re giving it all up!), join the Alignment Sanctuary Marketing Membership. Let’s align together!